Mini Masters: An Artist Study



Class Experience

🎨Mini Masters is a 75-minute art class where students can investigate and learn art history through sensory experiences. The best way to perform an artist study!

🎨 What you can expect:

Class starts with a children's book highlighting the artist and then we will discuss what makes that artist unique! What techniques do they use? What inspired them? How can we imitate this style? What inspires us? We will then work on an art project for our portfolio and end class with a fun hands-on sensory activity. At the end of each month, students will have an artist study book that they can look back on!

🌟 Early Exposure, Lifelong Benefits

Early art education enriches cognitive development, enhances problem-solving skills, and boosts self-confidence. We understand the immense value of early exposure to various art styles, fostering adaptability and a deeper appreciation for creative diversity.

πŸ–ŒοΈ Creating Confident Creators

By engaging with Picasso's Cubism, Monet's Impressionism, and beyond, your child learns to appreciate and create art from various perspectives. This solid foundation builds artistic confidence and empowers them to explore, experiment, and express themselves boldly.

πŸ“š Building a Creative Future

Mini Masters provides a gateway to art history and creativity that goes beyond the classroom. As your child crafts, reads, and interacts, they lay the groundwork for a lifelong love of art, enhancing critical thinking and fostering a unique artistic voice.

🎨 About Us:

We are a process-based art studio. This simply means that we are more into the process involved in art-making than achieving a specific end product. What did you learn? That is the biggest question for us.

We value learning through play and provide an awesome environment to do it in!

🎨 Extra Info:

  • Classes will be split into smaller age-appropriate groups.Β 
  • Please dress for mess, this is a very hands-on class. We would love to see you in your Mess Maker T-shirt that you received with registration! Smocks are also available in every class. Children will be able to change into a clean set of clothes after class if needed.
  • Classes are charged monthly on the first day of the month. The monthly tuition is the same each month and will naturally balance out with some months having more classes than others. You may cancel at any time, but we do not reimburse you for any missed classes during the month. The only prorated pricing is during sign-up. We can not prorate if you quit in the middle of the month. Please cancel before the first of the month to avoid being charged. Thank you for your understanding!