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Spooky Loops Maker Dough

Spooky Loops Maker Dough

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 This soft, squishy dough is scented with a sweet fruity loops scent. Indulge in its velvety texture as it molds effortlessly in your hands. 

Our 4 oz and 8 oz jars will come in a wide mouth jars in a marbled design and our larger 1 lb and 32 oz tubs will come with the spider design on top and layered in coloring. 

Play dough is our FAVORITE sensory item! We make super fun flavors in small batches. All play dough is NOT created equal! Our dough is soft and smooth and smells heavenly. You might want to sneak it from your children for yourself. The kids are always excited to see what flavors we have mixed up in the studio that week. 

Unlike store-bought alternatives, our play dough is in a league of its own. It is soft, and smooth, and exudes a heavenly fragrance that will transport children to a world of sensory wonder. Our dough retains its original form even when left out for extended periods of time. Simply squish it back into a soft ball, and it will be ready for endless playtime adventures. And fear not, if it happens to dry out, a few drops of water and a gentle squish in a plastic bag will bring it back to life—our dough is forgiving and ever-reusable!

Presented in a convenient, wide-mouth plastic jar filled with a glittery wonderland of scented joy. For classrooms or parties try out our bulk 32oz container. It's fun to scoop out like ice cream!

Keep an eye out for our seasonal-themed jars, adding a touch of excitement and surprise to the play experience. To enhance play possibilities, we include delightful loose parts inside the jar, inviting children to explore, create, and immerse themselves in imaginative play.

The ingredients used in our play dough vary by flavor, but our base list includes white flour, water, salt, cream of tartar, glycerine, coconut oil, essential oil, and food dye. 


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