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Art History & Elements and Principles of Art

K - 6th Grade

🎨 A weekly 60 minute class teaching young artists how art has progressed throughout the
centuries with fun and engaging art lessons.

🎨 Covers art history and elements and principles of art.

🎨Spread over the course of the 10 month school year.

🎨 Each month will focus on a different period of time and the history and artists that shaped the art movement of that time.

🎨 Element and principle (Line  & Pattern, Shape, Color, Contrast & Emphasis, Movement & Rhythm, etc) will be woven into each lesson.

🎨 Fun projects that will have plenty of room for creative expression while still giving good instruction to help guide the student.

🎨 All lessons meet the National Core Art Standards (NCAS) and Common Core.

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