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Oobleck & Eyeballs

Oobleck & Eyeballs

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Introducing Oobleck & Eyeballs – a 🤩 Spooky Sensations Halloween Kit! This special edition kit is perfect for adding a Halloween twist to your child's sensory play experience. A combination of squishy, slimy, and smooth liquid fun! Put your 👀 to the test as they take a dive in this ooey, gooey liquid delish! Perfect for a spooktacular good time! 🎃

Inside this Halloween-themed kit, you'll find a bewitching assortment of materials that will ignite their imagination. Prepare for some spine-chilling fun with sticky eyeballs, skeleton hands, glitter, liquid color, and creepy fake spiders. These ghoulish additions will add an extra element of excitement to their sensory exploration.

The star of the show is still the mesmerizing Oobleck, the non-Newtonian fluid that acts as both a liquid and a solid. Watch in awe as the Oobleck oozes and squirms through their fingers, while the sticky eyeballs and skeleton hands create a tactile sensation.

As your little ones immerse themselves in this Halloween-themed sensory play, they'll develop their fine motor skills, sensory awareness, and imaginative thinking. They'll giggle and shriek with delight as they experiment with different textures and create eerie scenes using the spooky materials provided.

For added inspiration and guidance, be sure to visit our website, There, you'll find helpful tips and tricks to make the most out of your Halloween sensory play adventures at home.

This kit comes with everything you need for an oobleck and eyeballs sensory experience! Family Kit-includes large skeleton hands to dig around with and enough to share with siblings. Makes 16 ounces.

Personal Kit includes Halloween fingers to dig around with and enough for one or two children to share. Makes 8 oz

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